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The Pedal Upcycling Project

The Pedal Upcycling Project

The Pedal Upcycling Project is all about giving guitar pedals a second chance at life. It takes broken or faulty pedals, repairs them, and sends them back out into the world.

Probably A Simple Fix

Probably A Simple Fix

Follow my journey as I explore the truth behind the commonly-used statement 'probably a simple fix' as I repair faulty guitar pedals that I've bought online.


Pedal Repairs

Do you have an analog guitar pedal that isn’t quite sounding right, has lost some functionality, has stopped working altogether, or just needs a little TLC? Fantail Audio can help.



The philosophy behind Fantail Audio is simple; to provide guitar players with the tools that truly inspire them to play and to enhance their sense of creative expression.


Pedal Modifications

If you've ever said to yourself "Wow, this pedal sounds good but..." Then a simple modification could quite well be the answer to achieving the sound you're hearing in your head.

Contact Us

Contact Us

If you have any questions about anything, comments you'd like to pass on or just want to know more about how Fantail Audio can help, feel free to get in touch.

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